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The Adidas shoes Clearance adidas Barricade series has been a fixture on the tennis scene for years. Over time, the series has continuously evolved to incorporate new features and technologies—mostly for the best—and earlier this year, adidas continued to push the Barricade forward with the introduction of the Barricade Boost 2015.

This “special” Adidas Men shoes new design edition of the Barricade 2015 features boost cushioning technology in the heel for enhanced energy return, added comfort, and long-lasting performance that doesn’t break down like midsoles made from traditional EVA foam. Boost technology has been around for a little while now—it debuted back in 2013 in adidas’ running footwear—but the adidas Barricade Boost 2015 is the first shoe on the tennis side to get the boost-treatment.

As usual, Adidas women shoes New arrivals I tried not to break in my pair too much before hitting the courts to make sure I got a true “first time” feel and as with most tennis shoes, there’s definitely some stiffness when I put them on for the first time. Aside from being a little stiff, the Barricade Boost’s felt really nice. The upper hugs the foot, providing a secure, locked-in feeling, and the boost cushioning underfoot feels soft and bouncy. This latest version of the Barricade (both the boost and non-boost editions) is significantly lighter than previous versions and seems lower-to-the-ground as well—both of which are definite pluses for a shoe that’s biggest downsides in the past have been its weight and bulk.

Out on the court, Adidas Barricade the Barricade Boost 2015 also performed positively. There’s no doubt that there are lower- and faster-feeling shoes, but this latest version of the Barricade definitely offers a sleeker, more responsive feel on court than past versions. Aggressive side-to-side movements felt smooth and forward sprints felt powerful and fast. The Barricade Boost 2015 feels less “boot-like,” but still very stable, even without the trademark Barricade stability claws that adidas ditched a few generations ago.

In addition to a sleeker, faster feel, the Barricade Boost 2015’s upper seems much cleaner than previous versions as well. There are fewer overlays—aside from those on the toe and medial forefoot for durability—which contributes to the lighter weight and seems to enhance the shoe’s breathability. Fit-wise, I really liked the textured material on the inside of the heel collar as it seemed to help “grab” the heel of my foot and keep it from sliding up out of the shoe. I’m not sure how much of that feeling was just in my head, but I felt like I was able to get my feet locked down in the shoes without having to tie them uncomfortably tightly.